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OTC Brazil 2019 an event organized b IBP and OTC

  • 29 - 31 OCTOBER 2019
  • SulAmérica Convention Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

New Technologies for Wells and Marine Operations


12 New Technologies for Wells and Marine Operations

Tuesday, 29 October
Room 5
Anna Paula Duarte - Schlumberger
Soraya Carvalho - NOV
  • 1430-1455 29763
    Digital Technologies Used In Constructability Design For Surface Installations
    M.S. Torres, B.A. Rodrigues, A.R. Nascimento, Petrobras S.A.
  • 1455-1520 29808
    WebScan-3D - A new Maintenance Era with Digitization
    D.L. Vilela, Wood Group Engineering & Production Facilities Bra
  • 1520-1545 29697
    Geo-steering Intelligent Decision-assisted System Using Machine Learning: A Case History Review
    X. Lin, CNOOC
  • 1545-1610 29952
    Dry Sea State Monitoring For More Efficient Marine Operations
    M. Vinther, Miros
  • 1610-1635 29728
    Automated Supervision of Personal Protective Equipment Usage
    L.D. Gessoni, P. Gonçalves Alves, M. Pedroza Ferreira, A. Luis Michels de Alcantara, E. Gadbem, C. Santos Fernandes, Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado; D. Colombo, Petrobras
  • 1635-1700 29725
    Data Science and BI Techniques for Learning from Environmental Accidents Analysis for Offshore Oil Fields
    R.A. Loretti, V.F. Costa, D. Memoria, Halliburton; H. Oliveira, P. Lima, C. Lima, Petrobras
  • Alternate 29898
    Research and Application of Dynamic Monitoring Technology Applied in Separate Injection Wells in Digital Oilfield
    Y. Lingzhi, Petrochina ChangQing Oilfield Company; Y. Bin, Petrochina Changqing Oilfield Company; Y. Jiuzheng, L. Yanqing, H. Gaixing, Petrochina ChangQing Oilfield Company; W. Zijian, B. Fuwei, Petrochina Changqing Oilfield Company

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  • OTC Brasil 2017 generated great opportunities for the entire oil and gas value chain. The conference was a stage for top executives of the world’s largest oil and gas companies to network and advance the development of new businesses and strategic partnerships that are bound to happen among the consortia participating in ANP’s bid rounds.
    João Carlos De Luca I
    OTC Brasil 2017 General Chairperson
  • Exhibiting at OTC Brasil is very important for our business and positioning. I am positive about this year’s edition.
    Idarilho Nascimento I
  • OTC Brasil 2019 will promote an exciting opportunity to exchange technological knowledge through the encounter of the world’s deepwater experts. The event is also an excellent venue for executives from the largest offshore E&P companies to network and foster new partnerships for years to come in Brazil.
    Marcos Assayag I
    OTC Brasil 2019 General Chairperson