Technical Papers

OTC Brasil focus on the development of offshore and deepwater resources

OTC Brasil 2017 Call for Papers finished on March 8th and now the technical committee is assessing the abstracts submitted. Soon the authors will get their feedback, on April 28th,  and will receive guidance to go ahead on the process. Check out below the conference topics, used to direct the paper proposals to the appropriate subject-matter experts for evaluation.


01-Geology, Reservoir & Exploration

Carbonate Reservoirs – Characterization, Modeling, and Fluid Interaction
Geophysical Methods
Reservoir characterization
Enhanced Oil Recovery
Exploration Potential of the Equatorial Atlantic
Exploration in Deep and Ultra Deepwaters
Unconventional Reservoirs

02-Drilling and Completion Challenges

Completion and Workover
Well Integrity Management
Deepwater Operation
HP and HT
Drilling and Completion Fluids for deepwater developments(Safety and Environmental considerations)
Emergency Response Protocol
Emergency Awareness & Procedures

03-Subsea and Topside Facilities

Subsea Systems – Trees, Controls, Manifold and Connections
Flexible Pipes
Pipeline & Flowlines
Risers Systems
Subsea wells & Facilities Decomissioning
Subsea Inspection & Integrity Management
Dry tree solutions
Transferring facilities from topsides to subsea
Subsea Processing Separation, boosting and water injection
Heavy Oil processing

04-Floating Production Systems

New Designs
New Built vs. Conversion – FPSOs
Dry Tree Semi-sub – New Developments
TLP, Semi-sub, Circular Floaters
FLNG – new developments
Concept Selection – Mega Fields
Concept selection – Marginal Fields
Mooring and Anchoring Systems – New Developments
Design and Analysis Aspects
Fabrication and Topside Integration – new developments
Transportation and Installation developments impact on design
Lessons Learned
Integrity Management

05-Flow Assurance & Operations

Production Monitoring and Optimization
Multiphase Flow
Fluid Behavior and Modeling
Deepwater Interventions
Cost effective Flow Assurance Solutions: Entering the solid-formation region

06-General Field Development & Lessons Learned

Lifetime cost effective design, balancing CAPEX & OPEX and benchmarking
Complex Topsides and Long Term Cost Effective Solution
Portfolio analysis, business and economic aspects
Pre-salt development
Alternate gas export mode – FLNG, LPG, GTL
CO2 Full cycle handling
Management of Macro Projects
Integrated Operations
Link between West Africa and Brazil Fields

07-Brown Fields

Mature Offshore Field Optimization
Aging Fleet Management and Relocation of Production Units

08-Material Performance

Material Selection- SURF
Design Code for HT/HP Fields
Corrosion – design, analysis, measurements, monitoring, mitigation
Hardness, coatings and cathodic protection
Sour service, corrosion cracking, and/or hydrogen embrittlement
Line Pipe Steels and Pipes

09-Logistics & Supply Chain

Infrastructure, logistics
Offshore logistics solutions for material and personnel transportation
Supply Chain
Local Content

10-Regulatory and Local Environment

Local content
Research and Development incentives
Universities partnership
Environmental monitoring capabilities

11-Emerging Technologys

Nanotechnology and offshore applications
Newer offshore applications from the worldwide industry
20ksi Emerging Technologies
Other Emerging Technologies

12-Advanced Technologies for Production Engineering

Advanced Computation
Big Data
Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence in Hydrocarbon Exploitation

13-Offshore Vessels & Platforms

Innovative design and concepts for offshore (production, drilling) units and support vessels (PLSV, HSV, PSV, Construction Vessels, Drilling Units)