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From North to South: A Wealth of Opportunities

Call for Papers

From North to South: A Wealth of Opportunities

Paper Proposal Topics

Exploration and Reservoirs

  • Carbonate Reservoirs – Characterization, Modeling, and Rock-Fluid Interaction
  • Geophysical Methods
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Exploration Potential of the Equatorial Atlantic
  • Exploration in Deep and Ultra Deepwaters

Drilling and Completion Challenges

  • Completion and Workover
  • Well Integrity
  • Deepwater Operation
  • HP and HT
  • Drilling and Completion Fluids for Deepwater Developments (Safety and Environmental Considerations)
  • Emergency Response Protocol
  • Emergency – Awareness and Procedures

Facilities – Topside and Subsea

  • Subsea Systems – Trees, Controls, Manifold and Connections
  • Flexible Pipes
  • Pipelines and Flowlines
  • Umbilicals
  • Riser Systems
  • Offshore Structure – Design, Reliability and Optimization

Flow Assurance and Operations

  • Production Optimization
  • Multiphase Flow
  • Subsea Processing – Fluid Separation, Boosting, and Raw Water Injection

General Field Development and Lessons Learned

  • Lifetime Cost Effective Design – Balancing CAPEX & OPEX
  • Complex Topsides and Long-Term Cost Effective Solution
  • Portfolio Analysis – Economic and Risk Aspects
  • Pre-Salt Development
  • Alternate Offshore Gas Export Modes – FLNG, LPG, GTL
  • CO2 - Full-Cycle Handling (Production or Sequestration, Usage and/or Storage)

Brown Fields

  • Mature Offshore Field Optimization
  • Aging Fleet Management and Relocation of Production Units

Material Performance

  • Material Selection
  • Design Code for HT/HP Fields

Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Infrastructure, Logistics
  • Supply Chain

Regulatory and Local Environment

  • Local Content
  • Research and Development Incentives
  • Universities Partnership

Emerging Technologies

  • Nanotechnology and Offshore Applications
  • New Offshore Applications From the Worldwide Industry
  • Other Emerging Technologies

Health, Safety, and Environment